What is GirlKiss all about?
GirlKiss is a shrine to the simple, delicious eroticism of girls kissing each other. It's a very sexy, sensual site: but being "sexy" doesn't have to mean "pornographic". GirlKiss contains no nudity whatsoever: just high-resolution pictures and images of girls kissing girls.

Why doesn't GirlKiss have any nudity?
While nudity certainly has its place in the collective human libido, we believe that nudity doesn't necessarily define sensuality. There's just something wonderfully alluring about a long, luxuriant kiss between curious girlfriends that titilates all on its own.

How often do you update GirlKiss?
We update GirlKiss every week with brand new, exclusive pictures and video. We also have a section called "Kiss and Tell" where we post seductive (and exclusive) stories featuring- you guessed it- girls kissing each other.

Since there is not nudity do you still have to be 18 to join GirlKiss?
Yes. Even in the absence nudity GirlKiss contains very adult themes which are not suitable for people under 18. If you are younger than 18 years of age you may not join Girlkiss.

Do I need a broadband connection for GirlKiss?
While we strongly recommend that you have a high-speed connection to get the most out of your GirlKiss membership, we also provide lower-resolution movies for people with slower connections.

How much does GirlKiss cost?
GirlKiss costs $29.99 per month for a full-access membership. This entitles you to all of the movies and pictures GirlKiss has to offer. In addition we offer longer term memberships which can reduce the cost of membership to less than $20 per month.

Do you rebill automatically?
Once you sign up for GirlKiss your credit card or checking account is automatically rebilled every 30 days until you specify otherwise, so nothing will interrrupt the fun. You can cancel at any time, of course, and after cancellation you will still have access to GirlKiss for the remainder of the term for which you've paid.

Who becomes a member of GirlKiss?
GirlKiss is an exciting and arousing online experience that attracts many different people who are looking for many different things. We're not just talking about horny guys here; GirlKiss also attracts couples who want to spice up their relationship or are looking for an alternative to pornography, curious females who want an anonymous peek at the wilder side and just about everybody in between who is looking for a little good clean fun. 'Cause let's face it: there's nothing more fun than a kiss between friends...

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