No nudity. No porn. Just pictures and videos of pretty girls kissing each other...

Mila and Mishy
Things steam up in the workout room when we catch Mila and Mishy making out, but it just keeps getting hotter as the two of them work out some sore muscles that they've been wanting to get some attention too :)

Sami & Delilah
Sami can't decide what to eat for lunch when her room mate Delilah finally wakes up after a late night out partying. They argue for few minutes about normal room mate issues, before Sami makes a move on her slothful roomy, and they kiss and fondle in the kitchen.

Karlie & Ashley
Karlie is enamored with her future design student, so she takes a bold move and makes her move on Ashley while they are checking out a new studio that she just finished. She takes it slow and just starts out by kissing her lips and neck on the couch, but it's not long before she has her on her back with her top off kissing her nipples.

Ilina & Laura
Ilina & Laura are hanging out in Laura's room, when one thing leads to another, and they find that they each had the desire to kiss one another :) So they spend the next few minutes kissing and fondling each other.