No nudity. No porn. Just pictures and videos of pretty girls kissing each other...

Sadie & Tara
Sometimes girls don't know that they can be friends with benefits until one of the friends points that fact out to the other. Sadie wants more from their friendship, and she's ready to move it to the next level, now she just has to convince Tara the she wants the same thing :) We start out on the veranda with two close friends taking about boys, and the failure that they are experiencing when it comes to boys. Sadie makes her move, and they move the action into the bedroom to see if they can take their relationship to the next level.

Yana & Sasa
Barefoot Yana & Sasa make out and grope each others bodies on the kitchen counter. Lot's of smooching as they slowly undress each other, taking time to taste and lick each others nipples in-between the long deep kisses.

Vanessa & Sasha
Hot, wet, passionate kisses from Vanessa & Sasha today out in back by the grotto.

Alex & Natalie
Just a Saturday in the park for these two friends that meet at the tattoo parlor just a few weeks ago. Alex & Natalie explore each others bodies while making out on a park bench. Very wet kisses between these two.